Another Fall & another changes


Fall. Sometimes it`s more than a season and a little bit less than just a feeling. There`s the time of transition, when the warm days are switched by the cold ones and of course, the time when the biggest changes … Continuarea

Meet the `Biker Babe` style


Yes, I wanted to recreate Cinderella. Do I even look like the modern Cinderella? Maybe you are wondering what did I choose to wear this outfit or what inspired me. Well, with this look I want to participate in a … Continuarea

Când „Micul Paris” prinde viață


Nu degeaba Bucureștiul mai este numit și ”Micul Paris” – oricum cel care a afirmat acest lucru cu siguranță că avea o intuiție grozavă. Înainte de a intra în contact direct cu acest oraș fusesem copleșită de multitudinea de păreri … Continuarea

Make your dream come true with SHERRYLONDON


Close your eyes and imagine that you`re living the best story of your life ; everything around seem to be perfect and all of your wishes come true. You can have all that you want & be where your beautiful … Continuarea